Saturday, March 13, 2010

Chopin Concert

Now my niece from Dordt has arrived here as well. She's staying with me over her Spring Break. I love it! People in the house! Last night my sister and I went to a Chopin concert here in Abbotsford. The pianist was Janina Fialkowski, a Canadian-born musician, living in Montreal. I got a CD of her playing Chopin and then she signed the CD after the concert. How cool is that!
I'm feeling pretty good - my left arm from the surgery last year is quite sore and I can't stretch it out. It swells up usually each day a little, probably not a good thing, but I'll tell the doctor about that next week.
Have a good weekend and blessings to you all.

Love, Sandra

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  1. That would have been a great concert! Glad you got to meet the pianist afterward!! That makes it extra special :) Great pic of you and Audrey!