Thursday, March 25, 2010


I went for my first physiotherapy treatment this morning and that was really good! I got a lot of helpful information, and exercises, and tips about lymphedema. The physiotherapist was very glad I had come because the swelling is significant in the upper arm, and she said it's better to catch it early. So on Monday I will go again, and she will add the lymphopress to try and get the lymph fluid to move out of the arm. I have lost a lot of movement in my left arm and I really want that back again.
There's always something, it seems, but at least it's not chemo...!!! Better get to work and do my exercises now!

Love, Sandra


  1. Glad to hear your appointment went well. It certainly would be good to get that swelling down and to get the mobility in your arm back! Looking forward to hanging out tomorrow night...check out the movies that are playing...


  2. We pray for you every day! I hope the arm is feeling better soon.
    Karen VE