Wednesday, September 30, 2009

30 Days Hath September... And They're Over!

Last day of September already! I just spent the last two hours outside - sunny but cool enough for a jacket. My sister took out the last produce from her garden and I helped out a bit - pulling carrots, digging for potatoes, and picking the final cherry tomatoes. Even Thumper,their pet rabbit, enjoyed a few final raspberries and those delicious carrot tops! I went for a little walk along the park trail behind their house, and took some pictures. It was refreshing to be outside breathing crisp, clean air. The forecast says it could go as low as -7 tonight! It was the perfect distraction for my achy legs.


Monday, September 28, 2009


Whew! It's a windy, blustery fall day out here in Lacombe. The temperature is certainly cooler than it was last week. My nephew says he can smell snow in the air! I am having a wonderful, relaxing time at my sister's, as well as connecting with friends. I'm learning all about Skype, too - so cool!
Yesterday at church the service was about "koinonia" - true fellowship in the Lord - and I was just thinking how blessed I am to be able to experience that fellowship through friends and family like you. As I continue to recover from the physical and emotional effects of cancer, I truly am thankful for your prayers of support.
I hope you have a great week - and experience "koinonia."

In Christ alone,

Friday, September 25, 2009

From Alberta

Well, here I am in Alberta. It`s wonderful to be at my sister`s place and visit and chat and enjoy some different scenery for awhile. Yesterday was a hard day of travelling - my flight was delayed by 2 hours from Abbotsford so the trip became much longer. I was very tired and in pain when I arrived in Edmonton but I could just relax at my sister`s house so that was good. Today I`ve done some cross-stitch, some knitting, and I`ve gone for a walk with Sharon. And, of course, we`ve done a lot of visiting. It`s been a pain-free day so far and for that I`m very thankful. Lately, it seems to work out to every other day being a better day.
The weekend is here. I hope you have a relaxing one and enjoy time with family and friends.

Resting in Him,

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Carried and Supported

What an absolutely gorgeous, sunny day! Wow! The first day of fall certainly felt more like the middle of summer, eh? My hanging basket still has new blooms so I'm not going to get rid of it yet. Maybe I'll just see how long it will last.
Today has been a day with pain but I could still visit with a friend, drink juice with my nieces, and clean out a cupboard that really needed it! Tomorrow I'll have to pack my bags because I leave for Alberta on Thursday morning.
Thank you for your love and support! Keep on praying. I know God is carrying me through this journey.

Love, Sandra

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Up and Away

Another beautiful day with sunshine and clouds. We are certainly having a nice September. Yesterday was a very good day and I was pain-free almost the whole day. I love having those kind of days in between the tougher days. Today hasn't been as good. My head feels a little heavy and my ears are ringing from the new pain medication that I'm on. Not too pleasant.
This afternoon my niece, the one who set up this blog for me, had an open house for friends and family before she leaves for college this week. It was good to get together and my parents also came by. I leave this week, too, for Alberta. I'm going to visit my sister and her family, as well as friends. I'm looking forward to the trip.
As we embark on a new week, I hope and pray you will have a good one. I covet your prayers as I continue to struggle with the pain, try to regain strength and energy, and process this cancer journey.


Friday, September 18, 2009

He knows, He knows!

Yesterday Audrey came over and we went out for lunch together. We cannot fathom the fact that we are both going through cancer at the same time, but it's so good to be able to talk and fully understand each other. And then our brother comes over and he gets recruited to do the picture-taking. It won't be much longer that we will both be wearing our wigs together.
There's a song on my piano that I've been playing and singing lately called He Knows. Listen to these beautiful words: Fear not, He knows; My soul why fret and tremble?
Fear not, He knows; Your life is in His hands.
Fear not, He knows; And you know He is able
To care for you, so trust the best is planned!
God knows - He knows all about my pain, my fears, my concerns, my restlessness - and He cares, so I'll keep on trusting...


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Quilting and Friendship

Quilting and friends go together and today is quilting day, with friends. It's fun to see something beautiful appear as fabric is pieced together to make a quilt. I have been very tired today and in pain, and quilting is a good distraction. Some days are harder than others but having other things to do is always helpful. It's a journey... it's a process...

Love, Sandra

Monday, September 14, 2009


I baked some muffins today. Muffins are quick and easy and always so tasty. And there are so many kinds you can make. I made blueberry muffins and ginger pear muffins. They look pretty good up there on the kitchen counter. You're always welcome to come over and I'll gladly share them with you! I did some "school work" today, too - from home, of course. It made me think of how different things were 24 years ago when I had my first bout of cancer. There were no computers then and it was harder to stay connected. It was in the days of snail mail and phone calls, and at that time I was teaching in Alberta and living here with my parents. What a lot of change in 24 years - change in technology and change in my health. Here I am, 24 years later, trying to adjust once again to living with the reality of cancer in my life. I'm so glad God is a constant - the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. He was my strength 24 years ago and now in these "processing, restoring" days, He is still my rock, my salvation. May you also feel God's strength, especially if you're going through change and feeling like you need His strengthening restoration.

In God's strength,

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tread Lightly!

I've just been sitting outside on my deck. It's so beautiful outside - and very warm! I thought we were heading into fall last weekend, but now I think we're back into summer. I just put my supper on the barbecue so I'll update you while I'm waiting for my meal to get ready. My visit to the radiation oncologist went very well yesterday. He was so pleased at how good my skin looked and was amazed how quickly it had healed, even though the radiation is still working inside. One of my ribs is a little "soft," so I have to be careful not to fall on my left side or bump into something. That's an effect of the radiation. My new pain medication isn't working yet but I have to give it at least a week, my oncologist said. This afternoon my shin and feet have been pretty sore. Strange how this nerve pain goes! Tonight is "chick-flick" night and I'm looking forward to enjoying the evening with friends.

Love, Sandra

Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Good Visit

This morning I went for an hour long oncologist's appointment. It was a good visit - helpful, informative, reassuring, and productive. My oncologist changed my pain medication again to try and get this pain under control. She said we need to get the pain managed so my body can concentrate on recovery from chemo and radiation. And today my legs have been very sore. This new drug is stronger and I hope it will be effective. She reassured me that it is normal to be feeling tired, and unable to do anything and everything I'd like to do. She reminded me of all I have been through, both physically and emotionally, and all the recovery my body still needs to go through. Did you know that the effects of radiation are in your body for 18 months? That's a long time! Tomorrow I see my radiation oncologist for a check-up. And my sister had her last chemo treatment yesterday afternoon so she is on her last recovery from chemo! Little by little, day by day, we walk this journey in faith and trust.

Resting in Him,

Monday, September 7, 2009

Back to School

To all of you returning to school tomorrow, students as well as school staff, - many blessings for a year filled with learning and joy in that learning! I pray that you will see God in the people around you and in discovery of the awesome world He made. I'll be thinking of you all because even though I know in my heart that I cannot teach yet, I certainly do wish I could be at school, too. Keep on singing His praises, and I will do that here at home!

Love, Sandra

Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Family Celebration

This afternoon my aunt and uncle celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary! Isn't that just amazing? Many blessings, Uncle Steffen and Aunty Jane! Family and friends were invited to an open house this afternoon to share in their joy. It was so wonderful to connect with extended family and see an aunt and uncle from as far away as Australia, and talk with cousins from all over B.C. I come from a pretty big extended family and though we don't always see each other, nor can we all gather together at one time, a day like today is still such a blessing. Family is pretty precious and over the years we've shared many joys and sorrows, made a lot of memories together, and been able to sing, and laugh, cry, play, talk, and just be together on occasions such as this one. And we are part of an even bigger family - the family of God! When there are joys we can celebrate together, and when there are hard times we can support each other. It just humbles me and totally encourages me to know so many of you, all part of the large family of God, are walking this journey with me and my family. Thank you for all your love and care, and your continued prayers. Great is Your faithfulness, O God, our Father!

Your sister in Christ,

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What if?

What if I really was well enough to go back to school and teach music? That's what I was thinking on Monday when I went to school for a couple of hours to help out in the music classroom. And then I came home... and my legs were so very sore, and I couldn't do anything else that evening except lay on the couch. Even though I have continued to go to school for a couple of hours a day, I know that I could never be teaching. This week has taught me that. My body is so very tired and my legs are pretty achy, and I just need to listen to my doctor and let my body recover. I know - I've probably said it before - but it's hard for me to accept and I just have to let the school dream go for now. God has given me so much healing already and I have to rest in Him that He will continue that work.

Love, Sandra