Sunday, October 31, 2010

A too-long delay!

Sorry about the long delay in blog entries. I was going to stop, and then I thought I should continue on, and then I was sick, and the excuses could go on... but anyways, I'm doing alright. Teaching continues to be a great joy and, of course, that keeps me busy each day. I am at school from 9-3 each day, and I can tell I have been teaching for two months. I caught my first cold but I am feeling better again. I struggle with the lymphedema causing pain in my left arm, and my shoulder continues to be sore. That's probably the most frustrating for me right now. I am still going for massage therapy and that has helped me the most lately.
Thank you for your continued prayers and ongoing support. Let me see if I can get back on track at keeping this blog a little more current. I do enjoy connecting with you. Time for some new pictures, too, don't you think?

Have a great week!
Love, Sandra

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Thanksgiving weekend

It's Thanksgiving weekend! Tomorrow our family is coming together to celebrate Thanksgiving with a traditional turkey meal. Just being together is thanksgiving enough for me - the meal is an added bonus!
Last evening I went to a Gilbert and Sullivan symphony concert. It was a lot of fun with singing, and a little acting, and some on-stage antics. Pretty entertaining!
Give thanks with a grateful heart... for God's love is enduring!

With gratitude to Him,

Sunday, October 3, 2010

God's timetable

This morning when I came home from church I read our church "magazine." In it there was a quote that really said it all: "The promise of the kingdom is not that we shall escape the hard things but that we shall be given grace to face them, to enter into them, and to come through them. The promise is not that we shall not be afraid. It is that we need not fear fear." What a comfort; what a promise! How true! As I've faced various family hardships, as I've worked at being back at school, as I've adjusted to my "new" normal, I know that I'll be given grace to come through it all. God's timetable is so different than our own, but He knows us and He loves us and He'll hold us in the palm of His hand.
This week is a short teaching week because we have teacher's convention on Thursday and Friday. I can't believe it's already October. The first month of school is already over! Have a good week.

Resting in Him,