Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What if?

What if I really was well enough to go back to school and teach music? That's what I was thinking on Monday when I went to school for a couple of hours to help out in the music classroom. And then I came home... and my legs were so very sore, and I couldn't do anything else that evening except lay on the couch. Even though I have continued to go to school for a couple of hours a day, I know that I could never be teaching. This week has taught me that. My body is so very tired and my legs are pretty achy, and I just need to listen to my doctor and let my body recover. I know - I've probably said it before - but it's hard for me to accept and I just have to let the school dream go for now. God has given me so much healing already and I have to rest in Him that He will continue that work.

Love, Sandra

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