Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tread Lightly!

I've just been sitting outside on my deck. It's so beautiful outside - and very warm! I thought we were heading into fall last weekend, but now I think we're back into summer. I just put my supper on the barbecue so I'll update you while I'm waiting for my meal to get ready. My visit to the radiation oncologist went very well yesterday. He was so pleased at how good my skin looked and was amazed how quickly it had healed, even though the radiation is still working inside. One of my ribs is a little "soft," so I have to be careful not to fall on my left side or bump into something. That's an effect of the radiation. My new pain medication isn't working yet but I have to give it at least a week, my oncologist said. This afternoon my shin and feet have been pretty sore. Strange how this nerve pain goes! Tonight is "chick-flick" night and I'm looking forward to enjoying the evening with friends.

Love, Sandra

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