Thursday, September 9, 2010


Three days of teaching are over and it is going well! I love the routine of the days and going back to work just gives me a sense of "normalcy" again. This afternoon I had another physio appointment and things are not as well in that department. My left shoulder has lost significant mobility in one certain movement and a small amount of mobility in another. That was discouraging and just all the pain from moving it is not fun either. What a looooooooong process! I'll just have to keep on exercising through the pain and moving that arm as much as I possibly can.
Take care and have a good evening!

Love, Sandra


  1. Hi Sandra, glad school is off to a good start. Hope the shoulder will improve with time. Please pray for me as I sprained my ankle on Monday while I was hiking. I didn't know sprains take so long to heal (4-6 weeks). I am learning patience. For now I am on crutches, but hopefully soon I'll be walking again.
    Happy Singing!

  2. The girls are DELIGHTED to have you back (and can't wait to see the new puppets you have from Alaska!)

  3. I'm glad it's going well with being back to school! Just keep pushing through the healing process. You're an inspiration!