Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Teaching Again!

What a great day!! It was absolutely fabulous to be at school. I received such a warm welcome back and it was just plain good to be in my classroom once again. I kept the day short and worked from 9-3. I rested when I came home and my legs are not bothering me. That's a very good thing. Maybe sitting on my new stool in the classroom helped as well.
I am overwhelmed by this journey that I've been on, the memories of the past year and a half that keep arising, and my deep gratitude to God for giving me health and strength to return to work. This is truly the day that the Lord has made for each one of us. May we never forget to be glad and rejoice in Him.

Singing His praises,

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  1. I'm SOOOO thankful you had a good day! I thought of you a few times today, wishing you well. Glad it turned out! I knew you'd recive a warm and enthusiastic welcome back! I'm glad you're taking it easy and that your legs were behaving today:). Hope the rest of the week is fabulous...happy teaching, my friend:).