Tuesday, August 25, 2009

School's on My Mind

I know I'm not able to teach yet but I've been thinking more about school lately. It's just what my mind automatically does at this time of the year. So I'll just dream... and instead I'll do what I can to help out from my home and specifically, my computer.
Today I got my new passport in the mail and it only took 2 weeks and 2 days! I was expecting a longer wait than that, even though it was just a renewal.
This week has started out better than last week as far as the pain is concerned. I would say I am more tired this week than last, but the pain is more tolerable and not as severe. So I just have to continue to have patience and take the time for my body to recover from what it has been through.


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  1. Sending you some love...I have had a very busy Summer so I have missed many of your posts...Molly has been seeing a lot of Erin (not sure of how she spells it} ..lately...such a sweet sweet girl...Molly will miss her this Fall!