Friday, October 23, 2009

A full week!

I'm just amazed at how quickly a week goes by. I picked up my sister from radiation treatments yesterday, we talked and enjoyed each other's company, and she stayed overnight. This morning I brought her to her radiation appointment. That was just plain fun, Audrey, and even though we didn't sew a quilt, we at least planned one and kind of laid it out.
I had a very good week with so much less pain. Today my legs are very sore again, but I can handle it when I have many good days in between. I've enjoyed visits, and phonecalls, and quilting, and Aquafit, and my dad's birthday, and reading, and playing piano, and baking, and more.
Have a wonderful weekend and maybe the rain will stop sometimes and we'll see a rainbow in between the clouds!

Love, Sandra

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