Friday, February 19, 2010

As Good As It Gets for Now

I've just returned home from the cancer clinic and you're the first to hear my news! It'll help me process the information as I write this out to you. The news is mostly good, although incomplete at this time. We are still awaiting more test results, since one of the "markers" was inconclusive and needs further testing. Once those final results come in, my oncologist will take all the information to a "conference" with other oncologists to see what should be done. There is a possibility of more chemotherapy if the test comes back a certain way but at this point we are going to do nothing!! The tumour this time was much more aggressive than last year, faster growing, and completely different. However, they are confident that the surgery removed it all and so any further chemo would be to kill off any stray cells that escaped into the body. There will not be any radiation for sure. The surgical site is clean.
So there you have it, as best as I can tell you now. God's mercies are new every morning! He continues to answer prayer and now I ask you again to pray for the best test results so that chemo is unnecessary. My next appointment will be March 22. Now I need to continue healing from surgery and that is going well.
Thank you so much for your thoughts, and cards, and visits, and flowers, and prayers. Your support and encouragement upholds me and keeps me going.

In His loving care,

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