Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bimbo Cupcakes

What a wonderful weekend with friends! It's so good to catch up and visit and just enjoy each other's company. Today I went to see my mom and dad as well. It was a beautiful drive because the sun was so bright and warm. I'm feeling good today, a little stronger all the time. I've still been napping most days but today I stayed up all day (of course, I got up pretty late)! And now I'm snacking on a delicious bimbo cupcake. Mmmm.... delicious!

Love, Sandra


  1. Hey Sandra
    Glad you are feeling good. What, may I ask, is a bimbo cupcake? It doesn't sound like something good.

  2. I agree, Sandra! Bimbo cupcakes are delicious especially when they are topped with mocha icing! I'm glad you enjoyed it!