Saturday, March 20, 2010


Yesterday afternoon my niece and I went to Harrison. It was just so beautiful with snow-covered Mt.Cheam sparkling in the background. We walked around and took in the warmth of the sunshine, marvelling at the beauty of God's creation around us. I'm just so enjoying the springtime this year - the blossoms seem so lush and brilliant in colour, the sun feels so warm already, and the trees are taking on the bright green hue as the leaves get ready to burst out.
It's been good to have things to do and see and have family around to keep my mind off of Monday's appointment, but I can feel the nerves setting me on edge every now and again. I wonder what my oncologist will have to say -- will there be more chemo ahead, or are we finished? Please pray for good final results to the additional tests and for peace and strength to listen to my doctor on Monday and take in what she has to say.

Leaning on Him,