Saturday, February 2, 2013

Penciled In

Sandra is on the surgery schedule for Monday to remove the bowel obstruction. She is penciled in so to speak. That means that while her surgery is planned, she could get bumped from the list because:
- A new x-ray on Monday could reveal new fluid in her lungs that would have to be drained again.
- Sandra's scheduled for the end of the day, so any emergency surgeries could take precedence over her.

Surgery appears to be the last medical intervention that can happen for Sandra. She is a fighter and wants the surgery. In the wise words of Sandra's dad and sister, we won't stop praying for a miracle, and neither will we stop praying "Thy will be done".

God's will is never penciled in. He writes in ink and we know that His plans are exactly what we need.

--written by Ardie


  1. With continued prayer for you Sandra. What a blessing to know where to find our comfort. May God continue to strengthen and uphold you.


    1. Amen to Penciled In!

      We are praying for a miracle and a successful surgery!

      Sjoerd and Annette XX