Saturday, March 2, 2013

Monkeying Around

Thanks so much for suggesting creative names for Sandra's new pet monkey! We certainly have had fun, lots of chuckles and a sense of being loved in reading all of the meanings and reasons behind the names.

Many of you submitted appropriate monkey names such as George, Sam and even Monkey. There were Dutch names and Latin names submitted. All were good suggestions.

The most common suggestion was Cookie or some variation on that name such as C.C., short for chocolate chip. It seems like writing about fresh out of the oven chocolate chip cookies here at Christine Morrison made a lot of people hungry!

Some of you thoughtfully provided comfort or assurance through Biblical names such as Shiloh, Gabriel and Daniel.

The final category was musical names like Kodaly, Chorus, Thelonius and Melodious. The suggestion of naming the monkey Chippity Doo Dah, combining the chocolate chip cookie theme and music together, produced the most laughs by far!

Thanks for your participation! Stay tuned to find out the winner....

--written by Ardie

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  1. Kenneth just leaped all the way to my desk with a big smile on his face. I thought he won the lottery, or got another paper published. Still hopping, with a giant grin, he said "did you see Auntie Sandra's blog? My monkey's name got the most laughter..." I think if he were the winner, we probably will open the last bottle of champagne we saved from our wedding...