Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Biopsy Done so I'm Packing My Bags

The biopsy went very smoothly this morning and I didn't faint, nor did I feel anything. The doctor was very good at preparing me for what was coming next and that helped me not to feel so tense. Thank you for upholding me with your prayers. God definitely answered prayers for peace, calmness, and strength. I will receive the biopsy report from my doctor next week Wednesday (Jan.6). Now I will try to put that out of my mind as I pack my bags and head out on Thursday with my brother, mom and dad to New Jersey to attend my nephew's wedding. I am really looking forward to seeing my oldest brother's family and enjoy a wedding celebration! There's nothing like a wedding in the family to take your mind off of biopsies and such things.

Love, Sandra

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