Saturday, December 5, 2009


Just want to connect with you, even though I'm not sure what to write at this time. The doctor's visit was OK, and subsequent tests are resulting in more tests so I am again waiting uncertainly for results. And that's the hard part of this cancer experience - waiting and waiting and waiting some more. Never knowing where things are at; never sure of what's next. I feel stopped in my tracks again, although the last few days have been better physically speaking and pain-free. I made my library run again today, and picked up some groceries and baked some squares. I was busy transposing music at my computer and then I sat at the piano to play it. Now I'm relaxing with a book, trying to rest in Him and wait patiently. What were those verses I wrote out in my blog last time?

Love, Sandra

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  1. Hi Sandra,
    Just wanted to check in and say hello! Love all the pics on the side of your blog. Thinking of you often... praying, too!
    Love Sarah