Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cancer Clinic Visit

My excuse for not writing sooner is that I have a friend staying with me this week and we're so busy visiting and chatting that I'm just not getting around to my blogging. Yesterday was my regular visit with my oncologist. I had a lot of questions answered and I got a better understanding of the plan in place. The tumor marker continues to rise but that can happen before it actually stabilizes or goes down. I will do one more round of chemo and if there is no further change, we will change chemo medication. There seems to be a build-up of fluid in the lungs again so after my next round of chemo pills I will go for a chest x-ray to see if that needs to be drained. We continue to work on stabilizing the kidney problem and my hope is that new stents can be put in on both sides and if they work well the nephrostomy tube can be removed. That would be such a treat. Next week I visit the urologist to see about that. Please pray for this chemo drug to work, meaning the cancer activity is stopped and pray, too, that the kidney situation will be stabilized. Meanwhile, I am feeling pretty good and able to enjoy my days. My fingers are very dry and the skin is peeling. It's difficult to do some daily activities, like buttoning up my shirts and turning the lids on jars. We keep thinking of new ways to do ordinary household things. I think I should just wear gloves all the time.

In Christ alone,

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