Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Book of Sandra and Friends

A huge thanks to Simone and Al Scholing for bringing the book of notes and pictures from the celebration night to Sandra in the hospital. I understand 5th graders helped put the book together along with other staff at ACS. Thanks so much for all who helped!!

Sandra really loves the book and is moved by all of the notes of encouragement and memories! Many of the medical staff have been looking at the book when they are in her room, including her doctors and nurses. It helps them to have an idea of the special person they are treating.

Sandra remains in the hospital. It's been 9 days since she went into ER and then was admitted. She was really hoping to be home by now, but it doesn't seem like the nausea and vomiting can get under control. Her doctor said she needs at least 2 days in a row without vomiting to be able to go home. Yesterday morning and again today she felt pretty good and ate breakfast. Both days the mornings were fine, but about an hour or so after lunch she started vomiting. Big disappointment.

Sandra is very excited for special visitors arriving tonight from Michigan. Her nephew and wife and their almost 1 year old are going to be here for several days. Sandra hasn't met her great niece yet and is really looking forward to that. She wanted so badly to be out of the hospital for their visit. It's a big disappointment each time her return home gets delayed.

Thanks for your support, prayers and love. Please pray for the doctors to find the cause of the nausea and vomiting so Sandra can return home.

--written by Ardie

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