Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Whiter than Snow

Didn't that snow look beautiful this morning? It was pretty heavy wet, snow but hanging on the trees it looked so peaceful outside. The birds were busy getting their seeds from the bird feeder.
I've had a good few days and I'm enjoying them a lot. I can get out a little and I have been a bit more mobile. My stomach has been cooperating, too, and the nausea has been so minimal. All good things!
Just noticed that my blog isn't always showing up with the pictures lately. I don't know why that happened but if you scroll down to see the web version, you'll get pictures again. Sorry about that.
"Whiter than snow, yes, whiter than snow. Now wash me and I shall be whiter than snow."
Remember that chorus? Our sins are erased so we are made whiter than snow! What amazing grace we have in Christ Jesus, our Saviour.

In Jesus' love,

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  1. Hello, Sandra
    This is a voice from the past, so to speak.
    We have recently heard again about your ongoing health concerns. John met your brother, Nathaniel, earlier this week, and we have found your online blog.
    It has been such an honour to read your posts and be allowed a glimpse into your world. It has also been such an encouragement to read how God has sustained you through this journey and how He has blessed you through the support of your family, friends and school community. You are in our thoughts and prayers this Christmas. Should you have the strength and the desire to connect, you can email us at Otherwise, we will remain connected through your blog posts. God bless you daily, and hourly, with strength, with freedom from nausea and pain, with courage and with peace. Love, John and Joanne Koning