Tuesday, January 29, 2013

God's Daily Little Miracles

Yesterday we were concerned that it appeared Sandra's port had become plugged from the food (TPN) going into her veins. A nurse was able to flush it resulting in it working beautifully again. Sandra called that one of God's daily little miracles. Later that night there was serendipitous timing in connecting with her brother Mel in Wisconsin--not planned.

Today's daily little miracle was when I inadvertently missed a page in Sandra's devotional book and didn't read today's scheduled reading. Instead I read tomorrow's, Psalm 27. (What a beautiful Psalm!!) Just after we finished reading it, someone sent a message to Sandra at the new email address we set up on Sunday. They shared Psalm 27:1 with Sandra. I think we needed to hear that Psalm today! Another of God's daily little miracles.

Keep the encouraging notes coming in to Sandra at misselgersmasnotes@gmail.com. We won't be responding to the emails, but it's an avenue to provide encouragement for Sandra. Also feel free to leave a comment on this blog. And don't worry if the message is in Dutch, Tante and Oom. I'm not the only one at the hospital or reading the emails to Sandra. There are many family members spending time at the hospital (Audrey especially!). The last couple of days Sandra's been doing a fair bit of reading herself, which is great.

We love seeing God's little miracles. Maybe you'd like to share some of God's daily little miracles you're seeing today with Sandra?

--written by Ardie

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