Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Two Sides to Every Coin

There are 2 sides to taking antibiotics--the good in that it takes away the infection. The powerful drugs Sandra has been getting are working. Her infections are getting better. The other side to antibiotics are the effect they have on the digestive system. Sandra has struggled a lot with that in the past year and is starting to feel some of the more unpleasant side effects again. In spite of that, she has been sitting up the past few days for a while each day and progressed past jello to a bigger variety of foods. Soups and soft sandwiches, puddings and yogurt are on the menu now.

With that in mind, I want to share with you specific prayer requests again. We really appreciate everyone's support and prayers for Sandra and the rest of the family. Today's requests are:

- Praise for the progress in healing of the infections!
- For relief from the side effects of antibiotics.
- For wisdom and clarity in meetings Sandra and the family this week with doctors and social workers to determine future care.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. Keep the comments and emails of encouragement coming to Sandra at:

--written by Ardie


  1. Dear Sandra, you are in our prayers and hearts. We continue to pray for you daily, for your battle against infections and for lessening of the side effects that plague you with each battle! Praying also for all who come alongside you, your friends, family and medical team. Love, Jean & Stan

    p.s. From a blog you posted several years ago (Dec.19,'09), we found this special note of encouragement that someone had sent in a card to you. You shared this:

    "When we are going through tough times in our lives, Jesus doesn't stand on the outside of our difficulties. He is in the midst of each thing we walk through in life. He is there to speak peace to us, to calm the storm, to assure us of victory, and to walk with us into a new day." (Roy Lessis)
    I'm clinging to that promise - that He will walk with me now and always into each new day.

    In Christ alone,

  2. Dear Sandra,
    We are so happy to hear that you are feeling better and able to sit up in bed. You are constantly in our thoughts and prayers. We pray for the decisions you have to make and know that God will guide you in all the decisions that need to be made. We also pray for your family who are so amazing!

    God bless you all,
    Sjoerd and Annette

  3. When Stormy Winds

    When stormy winds against us break,
    Stablish and reinforce our will;
    O hear us for Thine own Name’s sake,
    Hold us in strength, and hold us still.

    Still as the faithful mountains stand
    Through the long silent years of stress,
    So would we wait at Thy right hand,
    In quietness and steadfastness.

    But not of us this strength, O Lord,
    And not of us this constancy;
    Our trust is Thine eternal word,
    Thy Presence our security.

    by Amy Carmicheal

    With continued prayer for you!