Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Windy and Rainy

It's been so blustery - windy and rainy - leftover from Hurricane Ida, they say. I feel right at home! This afternoon as I was sitting on the couch, a tree from the neighbour's fell over landing straight across the road! No one could get through, although the city, or county, came through pretty quickly and removed the debris. It's been cooler the last two days but the forecast is for sunshine by Friday again. On Sunday I went for a walk around a lake with my friend, and took some gorgeous fall pictures! It was so warm people were walking around in their shorts!
I'm enjoying my stay here in the South and this morning I even poked my head into a music room at a Christian school here. They were busy practicing songs for their Christmas program in December. I missed the students and teaching music when I heard the children singing.
Time to do some more knitting now... take care!

Love, Sandra

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  1. Hi Sandra! So glad that you are enjoying your time away. What a treat. We had really nice weather today, but towards the end of the afternoon it got dark and wet again:). Looking forward to hearing all about your trip and seeing those great pictures you've been taking! Take care.