Thursday, January 28, 2010

Same song, same verse, one year later

I just came from the hospital. I was able to talk with the surgeon tonight. He said the portion of the surgery that involved finding and removing the sentinal lymph node went as well or better than can be expected. He was very pleased with how the surgery went overall. He is also quite certain Sandra will come home already tomorrow afternoon. I think that she seems more alert than last year after surgery. While she is sleeping most of the time because she had a lot of pain medication after surgery, the few times she is awake she is much more lucid than last year post-surgery.

They have also put her in a single room. It appears there is just more caution all around this year with how things are being handled and precaution against infection.

Thanks again for all of the prayers! The good surgery is definitely an answer to prayer!

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  1. I'm SO glad the surgery went well! It definetly is an answer to our prayers!