Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hair Cut

I just went for my first haircut in over a year this afternoon. I needed to get it trimmed and shaped a little - and the curls are still there, especially in the back. My hair styles nicely all on its own. My hairdresser didn't have to use any product, or dry it with the blow dryer. Isn't that so cool? I've never had hair that styles itself!!
I'm wearing my new compression sleeve, too. That will take some getting used to. I don't find it really comfortable and I have to get used to it being over my thumb and hand. More adjusting... But at least I can play piano again and that seems to go fairly well.
This morning I went for physio on my shoulder again. Though it's very sore right now because it was manipulated, it is feeling better than before. My physiotherapist says we caught it before it went into a frozen shoulder, so hopefully this treatment will prevent that from occurring.
OK - time for a cup of tea.

Love, Sandra

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