Monday, May 3, 2010

Music Monday

This morning I went to school so I could listen to the students sing for Music Monday. I love Music Monday! I love the idea that all across Canada, at the same time, students are singing the same song; sharing their love of music! You did a great job of singing, students! I really enjoyed the song Sing, Sing. Usually we sing outside for Music Monday but that sure wasn't able to happen this year! It was raining, and hailing, and windy, and just plain cold and miserable. And now the sun is shining, and it's much warmer - how fickle the weather is today!
"I'm gonna sing, sing, sing, sing, sing out loud..."

Singing His praises,

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  1. Hey...ours went well, too. It sure would have been nice to be outside, but the weather certainly wasn't cooperating for that, was it?! Except that the sun began to shine just as we were finished. Oh well. It sure was great to celebrate music education and music in general. Thanks for being such a terrific music educator and for "mentoring" our music educator!