Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Lymphedema Saga...

Isn't it just gorgeous weather? I love the sunshine but I am getting a little tired of my lymphedema saga. And it continues... This morning I went back to physio after one week away, and wearing my new compression sleeve. Well, my arm was not good - it had swelled up considerably in places. That meant the sleeve was not working. So I was fitted for another sleeve, and had a treatment this morning, and another one tomorrow morning, and yet again on Friday afternoon. Oh my, oh my... I'll get lots of reading in this week, won't I? Hopefully, by Friday my new sleeve will be in, too. The good thing is that for now I'm not wearing a sleeve at all - because it's not working anyways. Freedom!!
I've been talking to several people lately about prayer - sometimes there are answers we clearly see, and sometimes it seems as if no answers come at all. But maybe, as I was reading yesterday in a book, our fervent, pleading prayers are meant to "absorb all manner of pain, and transform it into hope." I like that because I live in hope - constant, God-given hope.

Hope-full in Him,

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