Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Chemo - take three!

Saw my oncologist yesterday and we put a new plan in place. The breast cancer has spread to the mesentery (the connective tissue below the skin in the abdomen), the lung lining (pleura), and the bones. Since it is progressing we need to change the course of action. I was on a drug since the end of November but it is not working. So as of this coming Friday I will begin a new chemo drug that I can take by pills. Of course, there are side effects but at least I won't lose my hair this time around. I will need to stay away from crowds again, and it could bother my stomach, too. I am not going to think too much about it now - we'll just see how it goes come this weekend.
For now I am feeling much better. The surgery on Saturday really made a difference for me. My appetite is better, my blood pressure is down, and I've had NO headaches .
Please pray that this new chemo drug will work and the tumor marker will go down (it has continued to rise) and the cancer cells will be stopped in their tracks. God is all- powerful! He can do anything and in Him I place my hope.

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  1. You are loved by so many Sandra! I'm so glad our Father holds you in His loving arms and knows your next steps. Sorry our telephone conversation was cut short... but I'm glad to have been able to talk for a bit. Keep in touch. love victoria.