Tuesday, February 7, 2012

To the Hills I Lift My Eyes

Today has been a good day, meaning the headache didn't make me sick today and the new medication is working. This afternoon my oncologist called to let me know that the CT head scan I had last week was fine. What a relief to hear that great news! I went for blood work and it only took one little poke!
The pictures are from atop Eagle Mountain this afternoon. I sat on the bench up there and just reveled in God's creation. The sunshine warmed me and Mt. Baker was spectacular.
To the hills I lift my eyes;
Whence shall help for me arise?
From the Lord comes all my aid,
who the heavens and earth has made. (Song based on Ps.121)

Warmed by His love,


  1. one of my favourite places in Abbotsford!

  2. I've been praying for fewer headaches. It's good to hear you had a better day concerning headaches and the medication seems to be helping.