Friday, April 20, 2012

Praise God!

I'm just so excited that I have to tell you all about it right now. My sister and I got back from my appointment with the oncologist this morning and my tumor marker has gone DOWN!!!!!!! That's what we've been praying about for so long now. That was the best news in a long time. The chemo pills are working and so I will stay on them and we won't have to change to an IV drug. The kidney situation is still not great but I just felt better knowing that the tumor marker is moving in the right direction. God is answering our fervent prayers! All praise and thanks to Him! WOW! The chest x-ray showed the fluid has not increased significantly so I will not need my lungs drained right now. That's also because the chemo is working. My hands and feet are pretty raw right now so my onc. lessened the dose a little. She said I should wait with starting the pills again until the pain is gone in my hands and feet. It's a good thing I have a week off now. So the sunshine is brighter, the flowers are more beautiful, I am more hopeful and I know that God hears our prayers! Just so very thankful, Sandra


  1. Oh Sandra - how exciting to hear the great news and to share your joy and enthusiasm. You are an inspiration during challenges and in celebrating every blessing that comes your way. We thank God with you and pray for continued healing...especially for your hands and feet.

  2. Sandra we have been praying for this
    From Joe and Audrey

    Gift of prayer

    Philippians 4:6b …in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God

    So now we boldly come to God with thanksgiving in our prayers and petitions, presenting a request to him. Our motive to obey this is not so that God can give us what we want, but we should obey this so he can give us what we need; an intimate relationship with him.
    So when we pray it is not to gain the gift that we desire.
    It is to gain a more intimate relationship with God.
    The gift is a closer relationship with him.
    This he desires for himself and us.
    And if by God’s mercy and omniscient design a request is granted, then we have all the more reason to be thankful and praise him: not only for the request granted but also for the gift of being closer to him.

  3. I'm so thankful, Sandra! I hope and pray you have a good week! Donna