Friday, August 31, 2012

A Day Out

I had a good day today! This morning my sister and I went to school so we could put up a "welcome to music" bulletin board we had made. That just helps me to still feel like a music teacher. Then after lunch we went to my mom and dad's and spent the afternoon and evening with them. It was so good to visit with them. I hadn't been to their place for quite a while. They usually come out to see me instead. And the best news is that I kept in all my food. Though I eat very little and am rather limited in what I like right now, at least I was able to gain some nourishment.
I'll have to update the pictures on this blog soon, eh? Maybe tomorrow when I have a little more energy again.
Thank you for your continued prayers, your encouraging words, your hugs and love. I so appreciate when you send me comments, either on this blog, or to my personal email. I feel so enveloped in your care and feel God's love through all of you. This isn't an easy journey but you as friends and family certainly lighten the load. Thank you!

In God's abiding love,

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