Saturday, August 18, 2012

From My Bed

I'm writing this post in bed. I'm feeling stronger again after being very sick to my stomach yesterday. Not fun at all but I was still able to have my chemo. All my blood levels and vitals were fine and there was no sign of infection so we could carry on. The doctor figured it was a virus that I caught so he said I could go ahead with the chemo if my vitals were fine. A great big thank you to my caregiver this past week and especially last night. She woke up every hour to check up on me and make sure I was doing alright. I just did a lot of sleeping and it's only in the last hour or so that I'm beginning to feel better again and eating a little. Thank you for your faithful, constant prayers. When I'm too sick to pray it's very comforting and reassuring to know that others are praying for me.

Trusting in God's promises,

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  1. Thinking about you today, Sandra; knowing God is 'holding you close in the shadow of his wings', praying that you are not suffering nor feeling pain, but that instead you are resting peacefully in Him.