Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Good Visit

This morning I went for an hour long oncologist's appointment. It was a good visit - helpful, informative, reassuring, and productive. My oncologist changed my pain medication again to try and get this pain under control. She said we need to get the pain managed so my body can concentrate on recovery from chemo and radiation. And today my legs have been very sore. This new drug is stronger and I hope it will be effective. She reassured me that it is normal to be feeling tired, and unable to do anything and everything I'd like to do. She reminded me of all I have been through, both physically and emotionally, and all the recovery my body still needs to go through. Did you know that the effects of radiation are in your body for 18 months? That's a long time! Tomorrow I see my radiation oncologist for a check-up. And my sister had her last chemo treatment yesterday afternoon so she is on her last recovery from chemo! Little by little, day by day, we walk this journey in faith and trust.

Resting in Him,

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  1. Sandra, that's good news! Here's praying that the new drugs are effective and that your body has the chance to recover. I'm glad you feel good about the visit and hope tomorrow's is as positive.

    Congrats to Audrey! Hope you recover well from this last treatment!!