Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Oh yes - it's certainly winter out there. It's snowy and cold! Tonight is supposed to go down to -14 Celsius. That's cold for this corner of the country. It sure looks beautiful, however.
This morning my brother took me for blood work. Because there weren't a lot of people out I didn't have to wait one second in the lab. My veins co-operated and the blood work was quick and painless.
This afternoon my GP and oncologist set things up so that I can have the fluid drained from my lungs. I can't have it done until Monday because I am on blood thinners right now and I have to be off of them for about one week before the procedure can be done. That will really help my breathing to be less laborious.
It was a good day today. I got to visit with all my brothers and sisters, by Skype or phone or in person. I thank God for the gift of today.

In my Saviour's loving care,

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