Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Step By Step

I went to see my oncologist this morning and there are a few problems we have to look into. My kidneys are not functioning well, my blood pressure is too high, my legs are swelling up again, and I have just too many headaches. The biggest thing is that the tumour marker has more than doubled. My oncologist wants to wait one more month in the hope that the tumour marker will still go down before she starts any other chemotherapy. I am on a chemo drug right now but it doesn't seem to be too effective at this point. In the meanwhile I have to see my own GP to solve the other problems. I'm just thankful to be breathing so well, but there is the possibility, of course, that the fluid will build up again. Please pray fervently with me that the cancer will stop advancing and the tumour marker will go down.
I am looking forward to another friend arriving this evening and I hope that I can do a little more now that the breathing is easier. What a journey - with so many twists and turns.
"And step by step you'll lead me - and I will follow You all my days!"

In His footsteps,

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