Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The small things

Today another of my nieces arrived to stay with me for several days. I love the company. I had another niece here for a week and a nephew stayed a couple of days as well. The last few days have been difficult because my right side is rather painful. Both my GP and my oncologist think it is pleuritic pain caused by some sort of irritation to the lining of the lung. So every breath is rather painful and it's best when I am very still and not doing too much of anything. I am very good friends with my recliner chair right now, that's for sure!
My nephew installed a new faucet in my kitchen this morning. Now I don't have to worry about the handle flipping off, like it was doing before. Ah, the small things that make such a difference!
It's nice to be blogging again, just keeping in touch with you. I'll have to put up some new pictures on this post. And the last few days really affirmed for me that I cannot teach right now.

In His love,

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  1. Thanks for posting! My family and I are prayiing for you (around the world!). Love Victoria.