Thursday, May 24, 2012

Running Errands

Well, not running, but just doing errands with my sister. It's nice to have her here so she can drive. We do a little bit every day. Today I even went to the grocery store! Haven't done that in ages. I just walked along while my sister did all the "hard" labour! Of course, I still needed my nap this afternoon, but at least, I'd done some work for it :)
My sister found an amaryllis growing in my garage. Some leaves are coming up so I wonder if it would bloom at this time of year. We'll see... And I have two orchids upstairs that have new buds on them again. Yesterday my other sister was commenting on how exciting it is to see things grow. New life! It's such a miracle and a wonder! God gives life - in Him we live and move and have our being. In Him, we also have something even more exciting - the promise of eternal life. How amazing that will be!

In His love,

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  1. Ah, yes, new life. I hope the amarylis and orchids are beautiful. Looks like a nice, sunshiny day. Get out and enjoy it! Thanks for the inspiring words.