Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Good news continued...

Home, sweet home! I got home this afternoon about 3:00 p.m. and it is so nice to be in my own home again. My sister Sharon is staying with me overnight before she leaves for Alberta again tomorrow morning. My blood counts had risen very well this morning, the fever has stayed away and the infection is under control. My cancer doctor said last evening when he came to see me that one of the cancer drugs that I am receiving unfortunately wreaks havoc with your immune system very quickly (by day 5) and as a result I had an infection in my body by day 9 that I could not even feel. My white blood cells that attack infections (neutrophils) were down to .1 when they should be at 2. I had nothing to fight with, which was a little scary. They stayed at .1 through Saturday and Sunday, although I was given a strong antibiotic. By Monday morning they had gone up to .7 and this morning they were at 1.3. Thank the Lord for quick healing!! Now I am praying for one good week before we start this all over again. I must say that I am a little worried since this was only the first round, and it will be harder for my body to fight with each round. I am going to have to trust God powerfully for strength, endurance, and enough neutrophils!
But I'm home before my birthday, Amanda! For that I am thankful!
Thanks once again for all your prayers, thoughts, and love. I know you were behind the scenes with me all that time in the hospital, even though you couldn't come by. And now you are welcome to visit, but I am going to be fussy about you using hand sanitizer when you walk in (I have some at my front door). That's what the nurses did everytime they walked in my room in the hospital.
And, oh yes, the hair is a-comin' out, slowly, daily, and steadily but I have more than you yet, Roy!

Love you all,
P.S. Sharon says hi to her family in Alberta. "Get the house clean before tomorrow morning!"


  1. sandra...what good news...You are home!!!!My thoughts and love are with you...hope the rest of your week is a good one.

  2. SO glad to hear you are home. Thoughts are with ya.

  3. I am so happy u can be out for you birthday! I am in the middle of making you a card! I hope you like it!

  4. Hi Sandra,
    Good to hear you made it home and are resting well. I am sure you would have liked to finish your course, but this certainly seemed wisest (as per Restful and Relaxing). Enjoy the naps while you can. Before you know it you will have to work again ALL afternoon. Okay, we'll not think about that now. I know Derk got a wbole bunch of TV series and movie videos during his time at home. Not sure if that is your style.
    Anyhoo, let me know when you have less hair than me.
    Time for me to go to bed, too. Big day with GPs tomorrow and then off to Oregon. Bye for now.