Friday, April 10, 2009

On Good Friday

It has been a very good day today. I am feeling more energetic and I finally feel like eating again. I lost so much hair when I took my shower this morning that I wore a head covering today, and I even wore my wig for awhile this afternoon. I had friends come for tea and the afternoon just flew by. I saw my first red tulip bloom in my garden. I did have some yellow tulips already out. I love spring and all the flowers coming out again!
Beneath the cross of Jesus, His wounded hands say "come." Beneath the cross of Jesus I follow in His footsteps and know the hope He gives. On this Good Friday I stand assured as God's child.

Beneath the cross,


  1. Hi Sandra,
    I recognize the words you are quoting from "Beneath the Cross". What a wonderful confession of hope & assurance that song is on this Easter weekend - a special gift! It is good to hear you had a nice day - we are praying for a special day tomorrow on your birthday - wish we could give you a birthday hug!
    Blessings & good wishes to you from Cindy & (Paul, I & C)

  2. Hey there, birthday girl!! I'm so glad to hear that you continue to feel better and have more energy. Feeling like eating is also a good thing...maybe you can even enjoy a piece of birthday cake:). were able to pick up your wig, too. How does it look? I can't wait to see the final look of it. I'm sure you look just smashing in it:). We'll have to update your profile picture, too...either with your wig or one of your very stylish head coverings.

    I'm having a nice time here in Edmonton. It's a gorgeous day today. The sun is shining and there's very little snow left...not too many flowers, but my dad's tulips are starting to come out! I love spring too, and love the hope that it brings.

    I hope you have a fantastic day! Enjoy the time you spend with family tomorrow, too. I'll give you a call this afternoon or evening and hopefully we can connect in person.

    Lots of love and friendship,