Saturday, April 11, 2009


Wow! What a wonderful day it has been. I have felt so good and you spoiled me with a perfectly wonderful birthday! Thanks for your visits, phone calls, cards, email wishes, and gifts both yesterday and today! I am blessed and overwhelmed with joy and gratitude! I just praise God for an absolutely great day!! It is so good to feel "normal" and energetic (and hip and modern with that new hair of mine!) I keep patting my head to make sure the wig stays on. I'm still getting used to the feel of different hair. I do like my hats, too, but when I'm all alone, I'm just as happy to be plain bald!
Now I'm tired, but it's a healthy, "what-a-full-day-it's-been" kind of tired. I know I will sleep well.
Easter joy and blessings to you all!

Love, Sandra

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