Thursday, April 2, 2009

One week since chemo

I got up fine this morning and even made a list of things I wanted to do. But after breakfast I did not feel good - I got very nauseous. So I took some anti-nausea medication and laid on the couch and slept. Some days are like that - you never quite know. I am feeling better now again but to eat is a real challenge. I just have no appetite.
Audrey had her second surgery this morning and was doing pretty well when my sister-in-law went to see her this afternoon. She'll be in Langley Hospital a couple of days. I'm praying that your recovery goes very smoothly, Audrey!
Maybe this evening I'll have the energy to do some knitting. It's amazing how a day goes by and nothing gets done! How can that happen? Oh well!

Wrapped in God's love,


  1. I have days like that and I am at work!
    Roy (sure hope Daryl isn't following this:) How did teh course go on Wednesday? Have a great weekend!

  2. Hey Sandra...what happened to not making lists?! I guess that didn't last too long...maybe list-making is in your blood:).

    I'm sorry you had a nausea-filled morning. I'm glad you felt better after meds and a good sleep. This may just be the rhythm of things for now, hey? I hope that today was a better day.

    I hope that Audrey is doing well after her surgery. I hope that the healing process is uncomplicated and speedy. Rest well, Audrey:).

    I sure hope you all have a great few days with Sharon. What a great thing to have her here. I'm sure you'll have some great family times...Melvin will be feeling left out!

    Do enjoy your weekend. Rest, sleep and stop making to-do lists!!