Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pain Management 101

Yeah! The pain is under control and I am doing better! I called the Cancer Clinic Nurse Support Line this morning and a nurse walked me through the steps I had to take to get rid of the pain. I am now keeping up on the pain medications and though I am a little drowsier, I am managing the pain. The heartburn is also under control with proper amounts of medication. How thankful I am for such a great new Abbotsford Cancer Clinic!
Hey, you know what I saw outside my window this afternoon? Three young deer! My brother and sister-in-law were just coming over and spotted them walking right past my doorway down to the tasty shrubs and grass below. They really didn't care that we were watching them and taking pictures, and talking. They just sauntered merrily on by! One of them trampled on a lovely crocus, but I'll excuse him for this time. Creation certainly does call out God's wonderful Name!

Breathing a sigh of relief...


  1. Hooray for trusted support systems, pain meds, meds to counteract the side effects of the pain meds, and prayer! SOOO very glad to hear that today was a better day. God is good. And the deer...that's just a great bonus to feeling better. Sleep well tonight and I'll see you tomorrow:).

    Lots of love and friendship,

  2. Sandra, how wonderful to hear that things are going better for you. Prayer is being answered! Your story about the deer reminds me, I heard a bird singing loudly today - it was such a familiar sound & when I looked for the bird, there was a very fat robin in our big poplar tree! Maybe in Abbotsford this would not be a big deal, but here in Alberta with April coming and still lots of snow on the ground, it was a happy blessing - it seems that spring might actually be coming! Take care, Sandra - you are in our thoughts & prayers daily.
    Love, Cindy & Paul & kids

  3. It's just after 8:00 on Thursday morning. Praying that Audrey's surgery goes well and that she recuperates well. Praying for wisdom for the doctors and that God will guide the surgeon's hands.

    Blessings to you for today:).