Wednesday, March 11, 2009

1st Cancer Clinic Visit

Sandra and I just finished a 3 hour marathon at the cancer clinic. It was the first appointment in the next part of this journey. Since Sandra is currently on her way to TWU to teach tonight, I am updating the blog on her behalf as she will be home late tonight. We appreciate all of you who were praying and thinking about Sandra today. It was a lot to soak in.

Chemo starts already March 26. Already tomorrow morning Sandra goes back to the cancer clinic for chemo training, blood work and getting prescriptions filled in preparation for March 26. The doctor wanted to start this coming Monday, but Sandra asked to have it delayed until after her trip to Alberta next weekend. Once it starts, there will be no travelling allowed.

Both of our heads were spinning after this visit. I'll let Sandra give you more details of the visit and what else is to come including radiation after the chemo.

So it was a good news/bad news kind of day. Still processing....

Written by Ardie


  1. Hallo Sandra,

    Hier even een kort berichtje uit Nederland. Anne en Ali zijn bij ons (omdat Mets vandaag jarig is - hij is 40 geworden!!!) en ik (Esther) heb Ali net uitgelegd hoe ze hier berichtjes kan plaatsen.

    Vanaf nu ga ik je weblog ook volgen, sterkte en van harte beterschap,

    Groetjes Esther

  2. Enjoy your trip to Alberta...much love sent your is not the same without you...i know the students really miss you...i hear comments all the time..i will be praying extra hard for you on March 26...xoxo

  3. Hi Sandra,
    I hope your class went well last night. I am sure you are still processing all of this. Maybe the class was a good distraction for a time. I am sure you are feeling some trepidation about all of this beginning. Again, it is such a blessing that you are feeling so healthy going into it.
    Enjoy your trip to Alberta. Wish Alyssa blessings for me if you remember. We continue to pray for you and hope to see you before the 26th for sure. What are the dates that you are gone?