Thursday, March 26, 2009

1 Down 3 to Go

Hi Everyone! This is Ardie writing while Sandra takes a nap.

We just wanted to give an update of how the 1st chemo treatment went this morning. There must have been loads of people praying because it went amazingly well. So many victories! I'm proud of how strong Sandra was today! Just walking in to the chemo room at 8 this morning and out again just after noon today was a victory!

The nurse got a good vein on the first try. Sandra had hardly any pain with the needle and with the chemo--also amazing. The only nausea was a bit of heartburn from one of the medications she has to take to combat the side effects of the chemo. Don't you just love how there's a side effect to everything! That was fixed with some Maalox, crackers and ginger ale.

The chemo drip went right on schedule. Sandra then walked out on her own two feet and rode upright in the car all the way home!!!! She was conscious the whole time today, unlike 24 years ago.

She had some tea and toast to eat once we got home. She's just really tired. We're not sure if that's the chemo that's making her tired or just relief to be done with the first one (it's probably both), but it doesn't matter!

Please remember now that she has started chemo that if you are feeling any sickness at all to not come visit Sandra. If you do visit, please remove all footwear and wash hands in the powder room when you come. Please as always, phone before coming. She may have a lot of tiredness in the days to come.

Continue to pray that the nausea and vomiting stay away! Thanks for all of your love and support!



    That about sums it up! I'm so glad that things went as well as could be expected today. A whole lot of answered prayer! I'm also really relieved that this "first" is over and now you have some expectation of what is to come...not so much a big unknown anymore!

    Thanks, Ardie, for the update! I'm sure it eases a lot of minds...I know it does mine:).
    Thanks also for being such a support for Sandra. You are much appreciated by many for being there for her:).

    Sandra, you are an amazingly strong person and I admire and love you heaps!! Talk to you soon.

    Lots of love,

  2. Hi Sandra,
    Well you did it. We were praying for you today, mindful of what you had to face. Your courage and strength are apparent,even when you are afraid. We pray that God will continue to be with you and make your treatments and side effects bearable. Have a good sleep!

    Thank you Ardie for your loving care of Sandra - what blessing you are. Hopefully we will meet you in the near future.

    Love & blessings,
    Cindy & Paul

  3. Hi Sandra,
    I am so glad that it went well today. I know that you were NOT looking forward to this day, but now it is over. Yay! We are so proud of you. Sleep well tonight!

  4. Hi Sandra (likely good morning by the time you read this),
    I ran into Jeanette this afternoon before I had a chance to check your blog. It was so good to hear that all went well. We thank God for that, and also for how he is glorified through you. As others have said, we are so proud of you and inspired by you. Keep up your strength and determination.
    We have some turkey soup for you. Jane found a great recipe and I think you will like it. Hopefully we can get it to you before school starts up again. Anyways, that's details.
    For now, may God continue to bless you with joyful surprises and with his peace.
    Roy and Jane.

  5. Hi Miss Elgersma!
    I'm so glad that everything went well. May God bless you. We will continue to pray for you, and I'm glad that all is well.
    Love From,