Friday, March 27, 2009

Just amazed!

Chemo #1 is over. Thanks for the update, Ardie, and thank you all for your prayers. It was amazing that the chemo went so smoothly and God did give me a lot of calm to be able to walk into the chemo room. It's been a very quiet day today. I had a good, long sleep last night but I'm very tired and unable to do too much. I have to keep on taking medication to keep the nausea at bay and I'm eating crackers and drinking gingerale to settle my stomach, but it's working and I am able to eat a little. My cancer doctor called this afternoon to check in, and let me know that a port-a-cath won't happen because it's too hard to get operating room time for that. The chemo nurses had recommended that procedure yesterday but now we'll just keep praying that my veins last for the next 3 rounds of treatment. God can do all things and He certainly has performed miracles the last 2 days. I'm grateful just to be up and around, and on my own.
Thanks again for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers. Remember my sister, Audrey, too, who is preparing for her second surgery next week Thursday, April 2.

Resting comfortably,

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