Thursday, March 19, 2009

Greetings from Lacombe!

I'm in Alberta at my sister Sharon's house in Lacombe. Jeanette and I flew out of Abbotsford and had a very smooth flight to Edmonton. That sure is a quick plane ride! It's great to be here and see my sister and her family and catch up on news and talk and talk and talk! I came on the right day because tonight was spaghetti night and I love spaghetti. Thursday night is always spaghetti night at my sister's house. Tomorrow morning my sister will teach (she teaches half days) and then we'll go to Rocky Mountain House to visit our uncle and aunt.

Relaxingly (is that a word?),


  1. Hey...glad to hear you're relaxing! There's something about not being in your own environment that helps you do that, isn't there. I'm feeling the same way here!

    Had a nice lunch at IKEA with my mom and we saw Carla Stolte there with her three kids! I run into her in the oddest places. It was nice to see her and chat some.

    I hope you have a nice time visiting family in Rocky. Enjoy that sunshine!! I love it:).

    See you Saturday.


  2. Glad the flight went well. Give our greetings and big hugs to all of the Alberta family in Lacombe and Rocky! See you at the airport Tuesday night.


  3. Hi Sandra! I'm glad you're having a relaxing holiday. If you see any Scholings in Lacombe, say "Hi" from us!

  4. HI Miss Elgersma! I'm so glad you're having a nice relaxing time! I hope you have an awesome time!