Tuesday, March 17, 2009

How much more?

This afternoon my sister, Audrey, went to the surgeon to get the pathology report of her lumpectomy surgery. It was discouraging news. The cancer had spread to a lymph node and now they want to do a mastectomy. So Audrey has to go in for surgery again and wait again before treatment can begin. Nathaniel, Ardie, and I went over there to talk, and cry, and just be there with them. What a painful journey to be on! This is tough stuff and never-ending it seems.
"Keep us ever trusting, resting, Fill us with Your grace."


  1. Hi Sandra,

    I'm glad that you were able to go and spend time with Audrey this evening yet. Just good to be together. Roy and Jane were very understanding and share in your pain too. A few tears were shed...many of them mine! But it was a nice evening and I discovered just how bad I am at Wii:). We missed you, but I know that being with Audrey and your family was where you needed to be.

    Sandra, I'm so glad that you know that you and Audrey and your whole family are in the thoughts and prayers of many...even when we don't always know what to pray. I'm also so thankful that even amidst great pain and discouragement, you rest in God's grace and trust in God's care for you. Hold on to that.

    With much love and friendship,

  2. Hi Sandra
    We understood why you didn't want to come over last night. What a tough evening for you and your family. We had a good visit with Jeanette and yes, she is pretty pathetic at Wii. I'm sure you would have done a lot better. Have a great trip to Alberta. We continue to pray for you and Audrey.
    Jane (and Roy)