Friday, June 12, 2009

Halfway there!

On Thursday the blood levels jumped up to .50. The neutrophils need to get over 1.0 so at least we're halfway there. Sandra's hemoglobin (red blood count) had also been extremely low and that is also starting to climb, so that is a good sign as well. Sandra seemed to be feeling quite a bit better and you could tell she is on the mend so we are thankful for that!

Continue to pray that those neutrophils will keep on climbing quickly so she can be out of the hospital by Saturday.

Sandra also received a visit from the dietitian on Thursday. That was really helpful because she hadn't been eating much. The dietitian found out some of Sandra's likes and dislikes and is now including chocolate milk with her meals, lots of yogurt, soup, bread and cheese. Much better than the Irish stew globby looking stuff she was served earlier this week. I didn't see it, but I guess it was pretty disgusting looking and tasting. Thursday night she ate almost her whole plate of broccoli, fish, and rice. That's also an encouraging sign that she's eating!

(written by Ardie)

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