Sunday, June 7, 2009

Up and Down

I had a pretty good day today and worked on getting my journalling book up to date. I put all the pictures in the right spot and got caught up on some of the writing. I enjoy journalling, even though my thoughts are not profound, I like just telling what is going on from day to day. When I'm teaching I don't always make the time to journal and now I can do it.
I am feeling OK, other than the fact that my temperature keeps rising and falling. I keep having a low grade fever, so I know my body is working hard this one last time. My mouth is full of mouth sores so it's hard to talk and eat but smoothies go down well.
Yesterday I ran some errands with my sister-in-law and picked up some groceries. I enjoyed just getting out of the house for awhile and seeing some different scenery. I hope I can do that more this week, too. Once the pain is gone and I don't have to be on pain medication, I can do some driving again.
Well, enjoy your Sunday evening. God be with each and every one of you and may He bless you with a good week!

Love, Sandra


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  2. Sandra,
    It is good to hear you are getting out a bit more - it's been a long haul since you started chemo. We hear it's been kind of hot out there, but that might be preferable to what we've been having. I was selling at the Lacombe Farmers' market on Friday and guess what? It was snowing and only got to a high of 10C. Just a little cool for the veggies! We are praying for you, Sandra and may God bless you with a good week too!
    Love, Cindy & (Paul)