Monday, June 22, 2009


Hi everyone,
I'm so happy to report that I've had no pain today. The last couple of days were pretty much constant pain but today was a very good day. As well, I had some great visits today and they warmed my heart and gave me encouragement. I really hope this freedom from pain lasts - thanks for your prayers. Pray with me that I will stay pain-free as I go into radiation on Wednesday.
I continue to be unable to do much but I am resting a lot and sleeping well and long at nights. Resting and sleeping in peace is a gift from God and I am grateful for that.
I was reading in Ruthless Trust by Brennan Manning and it just reminded me so much about living one day at a time, living in the here and now, living in the present. God is present with me right now, in the here and now, giving me hope and peace, patience and joy - to live in His grace and love.

Love in Him,


  1. Praise the Lord! What an awesome blog entry, Sandra! I'm so glad you had a great day. No pain...finally!! Let's keep praying that it stays away. While I know you have your times of frustration and discouragment, your strength, grace and ultimate trust in God are so evident and are such a blessing. Be strong, my friend! You have an army of pray-ers and prayers surrounding you and we, too, know that God is ever-present with you.

    Have a great night and I hope that tomorrow is a pain-free day as well.


  2. WOW!!! I am so happy that you are painless today! God is good! I hope that you can stay pain free while going through radiation! God bless

  3. I'm so glad that you're feeling better, and I hope that you will continue to feel good.